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Kareena Private Hospital
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Kareena Private Hospital
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The Sutherland Hospital
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Dr Roper and staff at the front desk


Please contact Jenny or Adele to make an appointment to see Dr Roper. It is best to see Dr Roper at 7-8 weeks gestation for antenatal care.

For gynaecological disorders my secretaries will provide you with the next available appointment, the timing of which will depend on the urgency of your condition. For very urgent attention you should ask your GP to telephone Dr Roper directly on your behalf to discuss your condition. Appropriate investigations can be discussed and urgent assessment arranged as necessary.

Referral from GP or other specialist is required (referrals valid for 3 months from specialist or 12 months from GP)




If you have not yet had your first appointment with Dr Roper please contact your GP, an after hours medical centre or Accident & Emergency Department of your local hospital.

If you have already seen Dr Roper for your current pregnancy, please contact the hospital at which you intend to book into and request to be put through to the midwife in Delivery Suite or the After Hours Manager and explain your situation to them. They may give advice over the telephone or they may contact me to discuss your situation to determine whether or not you should present to hospital for immediate assessment.

Kareena Private Hospital Delivery Suite     9717 0118
The Sutherland Hospital Delivery Suite      9540 7982

If you have a problem that is not related to your pregnancy such as a nose bleed or dog bite then it would be more appropriate to be assessed by either your GP, an after hours medical centre or Accident & Emergency at your local hospital. While the care that Dr Roper provides is fairly comprehensive and wide ranging he is not a substitute for your General Practitioner who may better trained to deal with such problems. If your General Practitioner wishes to discuss management issues they should contact me via The Sutherland Hospital switchboard on 9540 7111.



If you have been recently been admitted to hospital for treatment of a gynaecological condition you should telephone the After Hours Manager at the hospital at which you were admitted and ask them to contact me.

Kareena Private Hospital     9717 0000
The Sutherland Hospital      9540 7111